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Vbannacorp can supply foreign importers with high quality international products for the most affordable price, assuring the best business added values in terms of quality, delivery punctuality, and ability to solve any purchase order problems.


Because Vbannacorp can provide foreign exporters the most effective and quickest assessment about the sales potential of their products and/or services in International Commodities market, help to implement marketing strategies and create better relationship with prospective Brazilian partners, wholesale importers and/or distributors.


Because Vbannacorp can provide foreign exporters an effective representation support in International commodities market without the added expenses of fixed overhead and those lengthy learning processes normally associated with permanent staffing in a foreign country.

Social Media Marketing

Our professionals give high-quality services to our clients in time to meet deadlines.

User Research

Our professionals give high-quality services to our clients in time to meet deadlines.

Product Launch

Our professionals give high-quality services to our clients in time to meet deadlines.


The generics that we sell are of the best quality and high standards, manufactured by trusted

All the products that we offer are hand selected from the widest range of suppliers; thus we guarantee the high quality of the products, which are
manufactured according to the specifications, required for all standards certification

We do not publish our price list because each day the prices are changing. So, we can provide you the
newest latest prices in a timely manner- the day you contact us. We work with
each client/organization individually, and shipping price depends on your
location, order amount and our possibilities.

All specific conditions, under which
the product should be shipped, such as “Cold Storage”, will be kept.

We are able to propose you any way of
shipment, by road, sea and air. If it is needed we can supply you with the
necessary documentation.

You can call or e-mail us to place an
enquiry.We can discuss with you all the details concerning the purchase and
price, method of payment and delivery.You can order for any amount is




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